Estepona stages the Passion of Christ in the streets of the Old...

Estepona stages the Passion of Christ in the streets of the Old Town


Passion Play PosterOn Saturday 26 March Estepona’s historic town centre streets become the stage for a reenactment of the Passion of Christ.
The event begins at 6 pm in Plaza de San Francisco with ‘The Last Supper’ and ends in Avenida San Lorennzo at 8.05 pm with ‘The Crucifixion’.

This annual event has become a popular part of Estepona’s Semana Santa celebrations and involves some 60 people amongst the actors and backstage crew, under the direction of Luque, director at the Estepona Municipal Theatre.


Scene 1: The Last Supper. Plaza de San Francisco (6 pm)

Scene 2: Speech in the Garden. Plaza Manuel Alcántara (6.30 pm)

Scene 3: Notice to Mary. Plaza Blas Infante (6.40 pm)

Scene 4: Temple – The House of Caipos. Plaza del Reloj (6.50 pm)

Scene 5: Tower of Antonia. Pilate. C/ Castillo (7.10 pm)

Scene 6: Herod’s Palace. Plaza Augusto Suárez de Figueroa (7.25 pm)

Scene 7: Tower of Antonia. C/ Castillo (7.35 pm)

Scene 8: Way of the Cross. C/ Castillo, Santa Ana, Real y Avda. San Lorenzo (7.50 pm)

Scene 9: Crucifixion. Avda. San Lorenzo (8.05 pm)


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