Estepona San Isidro celebrations 2015

Estepona San Isidro celebrations 2015


San Isidro Romeria in Estepona

Estepona celebrates its Patron Saint, San Isidro Labrador, with a Romeria (pilgrimage) on Sunday 3 May and the agricultural fair from the 12 to the 17 May.

San Isidro Labrador, who incidentally is also Madrid’s patron, lived in Madrid during the 12th century when it was but a village, where he worked as a lowly farm labourer. He was always engrossed in prayer but according to legend his workload was taken on by angels so as to leave him time for his devotions, must remember that one!

The Romeria or pilgrimage will be held at the Ermita San Isidro at the Las Pedregales park on Sunday, 3 May, and draws thousands of Esteponeros who go to the park to party and celebrate their patron saint with picnics, barbecues, and a few drinks!

The saint’s day San Isidro Labrador is actually celebrated on the 15th May, which this year falls on Friday, and this is traditionally accompanied by a feria with celebrations, competitions, processions throughout the town and a funfair at the fairground. This year’s feria runs from Tuesday 12 to Sunday the 17 when the feria will reach its finale with a firework display.

Worth noting also is that Friday, 15 is a local holiday in Estepona so expect many of the shops and businesses to be closed.

We will publish a full programme of events as soon as we have it.

For pictures of last year’s Día de San Isidro feria see HERE


  1. Por favor, estamos en Andalucia desde 14th mayo. No hablo mucho Espagnol, I would really like to experience REAL Andalucia, REALSAN ISIDRO, where can we go 15th,16th,17th May to get this real Andalucian experience??Hope you can help with information and advice. Muchas gracias. Roisin White


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