Estepona Council collaborates with ‘New Longman’s’ Bookshop to present ‘A Night of...

Estepona Council collaborates with ‘New Longman’s’ Bookshop to present ‘A Night of Painting and Opera’


New Longman’s Bookshop in collaboration with Estepona Town Hall is organising a cultural event entitled ‘A Night of Painting and Opera’ on Saturday 18 February from 7 pm.

This free event combines music and art with an exhibition of watercolours and acrylics by the artist Emmanuel Janvier and a concert by the mezzo-soprano Clarice Williams, who will perform various pieces from opera and musical theatre.

Clarice Williams, who currently resides in Estepona, has more than 20 years of experience and has performed in various countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Greece.

The event, which will start at 7 pm, will take place in Plaza Manilva in the town centre, where this bookstore and space dedicated to the arts is located. The establishment has opted for these two artists because they are closely related to Estepona, where they reside part of their time.

The Town Hall  thanks ‘New Longman’s’ for its involvement in the cultural life of the town and values ​​its commitment to disseminate the work of local and international artists. In this respect, it considers that this type of activities complement the commitment made by the Town Council to consolidate the old town as a space dedicated to leisure, culture and the arts.

‘New Longman’s’ has been open for several years organizing activities and exhibitions periodically. This small and charming space, which offers crafts and unique pieces to customers, has become a cultural focus and has hosted exhibitions by many renowned artists.

Longmans Painting and Opera


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