Ecotourism in Casares

Ecotourism in Casares


Eco Tourism in Casares

A presentation was held recently to launch a new tourism initiative based in Casares.

EcoTourCasares is a cooperative of individuals and businesses, which aims to develop rural and ecotourism in the area in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Offering a wide range of activities which combine leisure with sport, education, environmental protection, the cooperative’s wide network of partners are committed to protecting the area’s rich heritage and environment.

EcoTourCasares is based at the visitor centre situated between the town and football ground, which offers a cafeteria, and shop selling local artisan products, as well as information centre and lecture room.

Activities on offer include: photographic tours, bike trails, horse trekking, climbing, hiking, art and craft workshops, etc. The cooperative also organises music and art events including local musicians and artists.

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