Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home


Mandy Hogar BetaniaMandy Thornton from the Curtain and Bedding Shop in Sabinillas has had a very busy summer raising money and collecting food for the Hogar Betania refuge and social kitchen in La Linea.

It all began when she was asked to help out whilst another of the centre’s benefactors was on holiday. Mandy didn’t hesitate and was soon coordinating deliveries of food and other necessary items to feed the 76 children at the centre’s daycare unit.

But Mandy’s involvement didn’t stop there as there is so much that needs doing at the centre, including the refurbishment of a further nine bedrooms in the centre’s homeless shelter.

With the help of another local resident, Denise Kinahan, they managed to raise enough money, around 3,000 euros, to refurbish two rooms and to provide furniture for a new classroom, and are currently collecting money to fit out a third bedroom

Mandy and Denise are also planning for Christmas break when it is expected that the centre’s daycare facilities will see even more than the 76 kids that used the facilities in the summer. Not only are they looking at feeding them, but also providing gifts so that none of the children goes without.

If you’d like to help and donate towards this worthy cause then pop into the Curtain and Bedding Shop just along from Mercadona in Sabinillas or contact Mandy Thornton via Facebook or call 952 89 74 77

For more information about Hogar Betania in La Linea and the work that they do visit their website at:


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