Casares Town Council seeks to withdraw bridge contract

Casares Town Council seeks to withdraw bridge contract


Following the latest default by Vallejo Aplicaciones S.L, the company awarded the contract to construct the Rio Manilva pedestrian bridge connecting Sabinillas and Casares Costa, the local authorities are urging the Plan Qualifica Consortium to cancel the contract and award it to another contractor.

The Mayor of Casares, Antonia Morera, has expressed her displeasure over the situation caused by the company, and despite being at no fault in the matter, have apologised to local residents for yet further delays in the completion of this long awaited and important piece of infrastructure.

Antonia Morera also pointed out that the termination of the contract would have serious financial repercussions for the contractor, as the council holds a bond of 10% of the value of the contract, and the company have already made advance payments for the prefabrication of the bridge.

Following a number of extensions to the agreed completion date, the final extension ran out on Saturday 15 November, and on Monday morning the Casares authorities began to prepare a report for the Qualifica Consortium to cancel the contract and re-allocate the works.

In a meeting with the council last week representatives of Vallejo Aplicaciones S.L blamed financial difficulties for the delay and are hoping to install the bridge before the contract is terminated permanently.

The project has a budget of 131,182 euros which is funded by the Qualifica Plan for tourism infrastructure.

Rio Manilva Bridge works


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