Casares streamlines licensing process for minor works

Casares streamlines licensing process for minor works


Small Building Works

The new Minor Works Municipal Ordinance has just come in, a law with which the Town Hall of Casares intends to streamline and simplify the administrative procedures for the obtention of a minor works license.

This licence covers simple repairs, decoration, adornment or fencing, which do not require a technical project, with a budget of under €10,000.

The special procedure established by this legislation will serve to allow thowse who are going to perform some work in their home or business have only to notify the Técnicos Municipales de Urbanismo through the standard properly completed paperwork.

Once the documents are submitted they will be reviewed immediately by the Town Hall staff and if it is correct and everything is in order they will sign the paperwork off as complete.

This paperwork, together with proof that the self-asessed taxes have been payed, will be registered at the Planning Office after which it will be concluded and archieved.

The applicant will have a period of two months to begin the work after the license has been granted.

Municipal technicians will conduct a visit to verify that the work is in line with the request, otherwise, the Town Hall will apply sanctions.