Casares Municipal Food Bank

Casares Municipal Food Bank


Casares has recently renewed its commitment to continue supporting the Municipal Food Bank, an initiative that was founded in June 2013 by young Casares girl, Paula Lopez, and is framed within the Municipal Social Integration Programme .

The Food Bank manages donations raised from charitable activities such as the Red Cross as well as donations from local supermarkets, etc., and works closely with the Department of Social Welfare identifying and providing resources to the municipality’s most disadvantaged families. The Food Bank also sets out to raise public awareness of the issue of hunger in the local community through its motto “We need what you can spare.”

The Food Bank is open from 9 am to 2 pm : on Tuesdays and Fridays in Casares, Thursdays in Casares Costa , and Wednesdays in El Secadero.

The programme currently helps more than 107 families who require food and clothing assistance, representing a total of 296 adults and 10 children under the age of 2 years.

The Food Bank has distributed food from a number of sources, including: Eroski Supermarket; The European Union’s 2013 Food Aid initiative through the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund, and various local campaigns and charity events held to collect food, as well as monetary donations. During this period the Food Bank has also collected baby clothes, and last Christmas distributed toys amongst children in Casares Costa and El Secadero.

The Municipal Food Bank also raised 3,873 kilos of non-perishable foods, 264 kilos of toiletries as well as €124 in cash as a result of “Operation Kilo”.

Other activities have included Indoor Football League, Awareness Campaigns at the Summer School, Flamenco Festival, Espileta Sound Festival, Float Competitions at recent ferias, the El Secadero Urban Race, Firefighter’s Calendar, among others.

Final thanks must go to the 76 volunteers who manage the collection and distribution, as well as organising various activities for the Municipal Food Bank.

Casares Food Bank


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