Casares goes worldwide with Blas Infante Awards

Casares goes worldwide with Blas Infante Awards


Blas Infante Awards 2016Of the 50,000 euros that the people of Casares have budgeted, 40,000 euros have been allocated to projects for International Cooperation. ‘Casares for Humanity’ will fund the development of an women’s agro-ecological cooperative in Burkina Faso, and also awarded four Runners-up prizes to improve the quality of life for the elderly in Ethiopia; a public health plan in Nicaragua; the provision sanitation and drinking water in a village in Morocco; and a project against female genital mutilation in Kenya.

The ‘Casares for Andalucia’ prize, worth 5,000 euros went to the Coordinator of the Campo de Gibraltar Alternatives for a programme of Education for Development in Food Solidarity. An awareness campaign in the field of education that includes food collection and distribution among needy families.

Zaragoza’s More Life Foundation receives the other award for educational development, ‘Casares for Spain’. An amount of 5,000 euros for their project”Rights for Children. Right to Peace” aimed at a children’s educational campaign specifically for girl victims of armed conflict.

The Wells without Borders Association of Malaga was awarded the prize ‘Casares for Humanity’, and 13,000 euros for their project which will strengthen the food security and empower women in rural areas through a water system and drip irrigation for the development of a women’s agro-ecological cooperative in the community of Farako in Burkina Faso.

A further four Runners-up prizes for International Cooperation projects were also awarded. The first endowed with 8,000 euros, will serve the organization Asociación Solidaridad 2012  de Ciudad Real to build an old people’s home in Ethiopia.

The second prize has gone to the More Life Zaragoza Foundation, which receives a further 8,000 euros, to be allocated to strengthening the public health plan for anti-epidemic surveillance and prevention of infant, perinatal and maternal mortality in Nicaragua .

Action Geoda Foundation of Madrid received a grant of 6,000 euros for the proposed installation of sanitation and drinking water supply to the village of Ait Hamza in Morocco, where the population will also receive training in good health and hygiene habits.

The 4th prize of 5,000 euros, will help the Foundation Kirira Ciudad Real build a latrine at a primary school in the region of Tharaka (Kenya) which is part of a campaign against female genital mutilation.

The proud Town of Casares

As in previous years the Blas Infante Awards: Casares Solidario ceremony was held on July 5, the birthday of Blas Infante.

An emotional ceremony opened the awards and and began with students of the Municipal School of Theatre performing an adaptation of the play “The Little Quijote”

During his speech, José Carrasco, said he is proud to be mayor of a town that allocates part of its budget for Solidarity, “because in these times it seems that solidarity is not fashionable, yet people are increasingly  knocking on our door asking for help.” This year some 47 projects have been submitted to the Awards jury, a far greater number than in previous years.

The mayor also stressed the importance to continue to support this call for Educational Development, which is “essential to create awareness among the population and new generations”.

Meanwhile Councilor for Cooperation, Rocio Ruiz, has praised the work done by associations and groups participating, which she called “fighters for dignity”, because thanks to them “all is not lost”, “we have a halo of light and the conviction that a better world is coming. ”

The event was attended by representatives of organizations awarded in the last edition of these awards, who explained how they have used their subsidies.

7 winners of the 2015 Awards Blas Infante have reviewed the important work done with these grants so that thousands of people can live a better a better life. They have said that Casares is a very big town because its influence can be found in many countries around the world.


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