Casares Equality Week

Casares Equality Week


Casares Equality Week poster

Under the name of I Week of Equality, the women’s department of the Town Hall of Casares has organized a programme of activities for women and men of all ages to commemorate Women’s Day.

This programme of activities is the result of the change from the women’s department to the department of Equality by the Casares Town Hall, a change brought about by work in this area, which will now also address the discrimination of women, equal opportunities for workers and equal rights between men and women.

The activities begin next Monday, March 5, with the opening of the photo exhibition “The Invisible Work of Women” which will be open until 17 March at the childhood home of Blas Infante.

The programme continues on March 8 with school activities including storytelling sessions about equality for children, and a talk on the role of women in jobs traditionally held by men, entitled “All professions, all people “, which will be carried out by local police officer, Nuria Cabrera.

That same day in the afternoon multiculturalism will take over, with a panel discussion on “Women and Work” scheduled for 5 pm (17.00 h.) At the Casa de la Cultura de Casares. Women of different nationalities living in Casares (from Morocco, South America, Eastern Europe, Holland, Great Britain) will discuss the place of women in their culture, their rights and working conditions.

Activities continue on Saturday, March 10, with the celebration of Women’s day, from 5 pm at the Centro Cultural Blas Infante. This festival includes the reading of a manifest, theater and dance exhibitions by members of the Villarraguz Graecina Women’s Association, and snacks provided by the Town Hall.

One of the new activities is a workshop on “Survival in the home for women and men” scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, at 7 pm. in the municipal building on Calle Villa (formerly Casa del Secretario). These are two parallel workshops, one offered by women for men on how to shop, make a simple menu, use a washing machine, hang clothing to dry, etc. And another offered by men for women on how to make minor electrical repairs.

The programme ends on Thursday March 14th with the screening of a movie (yet to be determined) and further debate, at 5 pm at the Villarraguz Graecina Women’s Association.