Casares celebrates the Night of San Juan at Playa Ancha

Casares celebrates the Night of San Juan at Playa Ancha


San Juan Casares Costa 2012

The Night of San Juan is a big event in Casares held on the beach where the Town Hall will prepare a big party with entertainment, live music and a bonfire.

The Department of Culture are responsible for organizing the big party for the Night of San Juan this year with the show including an African Tuky thi Afriq performance. “Tuky thi Afriq” (trip to Africa) exhibits West African culture through its rhythm, song, dances and the sound of the d`jembes which offers a fantastic spectacle of dance, acrobatics and choreography loaded with adrenaline. After the show the San Juan bonfire will be lit, made ​​by Juan Ángel and Anja Gomez Teidemman, as were the previous two.

After the fire, the party continues until dawn with a performance by the band “Latin City”, 12 musicians from the best music schools in Cuba, playing Afro-Cuban genres like salsa, timbatón, cha cha cha, merengue, bachata, vallenato, balancing each genre with their personal style of playing, full of energy and high quality musical sound.

The event will take place on June 23, from 10 pm on the beach of Marina de Casares, Playa Ancha, and will end at dawn.