Casares celebrates its I Gastronomy Days on 18 and 19 April

Casares celebrates its I Gastronomy Days on 18 and 19 April


Special menus in restaurants and bars of the town, local food products in the town’s shops, sightseeing tours, workshops, lectures and stands promoting local products make up the programme of activities of the I Casares Gastronomy Days to be held on 18 and 19 April in the historic town centre, a space that will be focus of attention in the region during those days.

The I Gastronomy Days are organized by local businesses with the support of the Town Hall, and is intended to promote local products like goat which is served cooked in many ways in the local restaurants, the payoya goat cheese – handmade by the Quesería Sierra Crestellina cheese company, which already has several awards under their belt, Casares bread baked in wood oven is famous throughout the Costa del Sol, or the exquisite chacina produced by the local butchers.

The initiative aims to attract hundreds of visitors to lunch or tapas in town. For this reason, local establishments will prepare attractive menus, and all this is complemented with a wide range of activities to spend a memorable weekend in Casares.

Among the activities are guided walks around Casares and Castle; with the inauguration of the Ruta de Callejones, an urban hike; the launch of an Andalucian Cookbook, concerts and workshops on cheesemaking and the Fandango Casareño.Casares gastronomy days poster


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