Brit kills suspected paedophile for filming his daughter

Brit kills suspected paedophile for filming his daughter


Spanish police reported the arrest on Monday 9 February of a British man accused of killing a German for filming his young daughter in a restaurant in Sotogrande.

The Briton, aged 40, attacked the 43-year-old German after seeing him filming the youngster with a tablet device in the Spinnaker restaurant in Sotogrande Port on Saturday night.

According to eye witness reports The girl’s father went to the table and took the device from him, saw that there were videos of his daughter, and attacked him. It is thought that no weapons were involved and that the fatal injury was caused by a single punch. The victim was taken to hospital where he later died. Police are waiting for the results of an autopsy.

The British man left the restaurant after the attack but was later arrested after being identified by witnesses.

He was in police custody on suspicion of murder and was waiting to go before a magistrate in the nearby town of La Linea de la Concepcion.

According to a statement by the Guardia Civil the victim had been arrested a few days earlier for possession of child pornography, although it was not known whether the attacker knew of the earlier child pornography charges.w of the earlier child pornography charges.

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