Botanical Park and Orchid House will receive 100,000 visitors a year as...

Botanical Park and Orchid House will receive 100,000 visitors a year as a major tourist attraction on the Costa del Sol


Estepona Orchid House by night

The Estepona Orchid House (‘Orquideario’) was officially opened on Saturday March 28, after months of intense work, a 1,000 square metres of floorspace will and 15,000 cubic metres will be home to an impressive collection of flora from different parts of the world. Considered one of the most important orchid houses in Spain, the new Botanical Park expects to receive about 100,000 visitors each year.

Little by little, the people of Estepona have seen the three glass domes covering this spectacular space being lifted into position to accommodate beneath them thousands of orchids arriving from across the globe. The Botanical-Orquideario Park is an Estepona town council undertaking to further augment the sunshine and beach facilities the town offers thousands of tourists visiting the Costa del Sol each year.

This exhibition, according to the Development, Infrastructure and Tourism (FIT) councillor , Ana Velasco, “will become one of the most interesting places in the province of Málaga”. Besides orchids, the Orchidario has 200 square metres of vertical gardens laid out on 12 metre high walls, where the plants have been distributed over five different levels. This design will allow them to climb naturally as they grow into patterns that will astound the visitor.

Together with the always striking orchids, the Vanilla can be seen, a climber from which this culinary product can be extracted. The Botanic Park also has a large number of other species so that visitors can enjoy a great experience with nature. The ‘Cananga odorata’, known as Ylang Ylang, a very famous flower among perfumers of high end cosmetics and used by brands like Dior or Chanel in their fragrances, is sandwiched with others such as ‘Bixa Orellana’, originally from Peru and also widely used in the cosmetic industry, in this case to make lipsticks.

As well as orchids and other exotic plants, visitors can enjoy a bamboo forest and the waterfall in the Botanical Park, all giving continuity to the ‘Estepona, Garden of the Costa del Sol’ project which has allowed the remodelling and beautifying of over 68 town streets nearby.

The town council has created 150 free parking spaces alongside the Estepona Botanical-Orquideario Park , which is not only beneficial to visitors of this attraction, but also allows residents in the area to enjoy improved mobility.

All in all, the new Estepona Orquideario Botanical Park is destined to soon become a symbol of the growth of Estepona and of all the Costa del Sol.

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Orchids in the Estepona Orchid house


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