Arsenal Soccer School’s female team shows great promise

Arsenal Soccer School’s female team shows great promise


Arsenal Girls Team

After the launch of female training sessions in Marbella in January, the Arsenal Soccer School, Costa del Sol has been working with a group of young female players with the aim of building an official team for the school.

After a month of training sessions, the team played its first friendly match where players that train both in Sotogrande and Marbella were involved. The team played well despite it being the first time they’d played together as a team and they achieved a draw.

Both in Sotogrande and Marbella, the girls attend a weekly training session and it is at these friendly matches where they can work together as a squad and keep progressing. They played their second match last Sunday and you could notice their improvement, working well as a team and showing understanding on the field. On this occasion they managed a 0-4 victory and we could begin to see the great potential of the team and their determination to keep progressing.

It will be at Easter where, as part of the V Iberian Trophy for Peace celebrated from 2nd to 4th april at Castellar de la Frontera, the Arsenal Soccer Schools Spain female team will show that football is not only a men’s game, taking part in a small tournament for girls.

The Arsenal school encourages all girls aged 12 to 17 years old to join the soccer school, either in Sotogrande or Marbella, and keep promoting the development of female football.

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