Antonia Morera to step down at forthcoming elections

Antonia Morera to step down at forthcoming elections


The Mayoress of Casares, Antonia Morera, has announced in an open letter to the people of Casares her intention not to stand as a candidate at next May’s local elections. A decision she states was made as a result of “a personal conviction that politicians should not remain in public office indefinately”.

In the letter Antonia Morera expressed her pride in the work that had been achieved in Casares during her years as a public servant, and thanked all the support and confidence given to her, and pointed out the importance of the political group and government team in all these achievements.

She went on to highlight her privilege in “leading the team that supported her, and ask that the continue as a united group to work for the local population who had placed their trust in them”.

Having announced her position it will “allow the preparation of their manifesto and list of candidates for the coming elections, to be undertaken in an open and transparent manner”.

“I am proud of the work we have done” she went on “to help the people through the economic crisis thanks to our Employment and Social Welfare strategies, and will continue to do so up to my last day in office and later as a member of Izquierda Unida, the political movement that gives meaning to my ideals”.

Antonia Morera


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