Adana Moroccan Night at La Vizcaronda in Manilva

Adana Moroccan Night at La Vizcaronda in Manilva


Adana Moroccan Night

Tickets were sold out well in advance for ADANA´s Moroccan Night, the Estepona-based animal rescue charity’s annual summer party, this year held at John and Henry´s Restaurant Cortijo La Vizcaronda in Manilva.

Eighty two guests, many in exotic Moroccan costumes, wined and dined in the beautiful gardens while Irish singer Mandy Lovett and husband Gerry entertained them with old time favourites. Everyone agreed that the Moroccan buffet, featuring various tagines prepared by Henry, was delicious.

Along with the Moroccan cookies came the stunning belly dancer, Sashzade whose graceful performance had everyone entranced.

The evening ended with everyone dancing to yet more lively music and songs by Mandy.

The night raised a grand 1,544€ for ADANA. ADANA wishes to thank John and Henry for all the work they put into the party to make the evening a success, to Mandy and Gerry for entertaining free of charge, and to our energetic barladies Trish and Carol.